Ask the Guild 4

October 2nd, 2016, 9:00 am

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Reply Meemie7, October 2nd, 2016, 12:31 pm

I know your background as a doctor was a bit of a Heckit one but how does it feel to be the Guild doctor and chef. I noticed they didn't include you with a corresponding voice actor.
Audrey(in the voice of Andrea Libman): I’m a bit nervous, but also really happy about it! No one from my hometown could of ever guessed I’d become the sole doctor of a whole guild!

I have a question for you Meemie, is the reason why you are so lazy because you've stopped Darkrai and you think there's nothing to worry about now? Is that why you sleep all the time?
Meemie: Look, I’ve come from the future, to the past, back to the future, then back to the past again, ceased to exist for a few months, then defeated just about every legendary pokemon there is. I think I deserve a bit of laziness!

I have a question for the Guildmasters :
What if a team composed of tiny legendaries (Shaymin , Mew , etc. ) joined your guild but in reality need serious help in missions?

Meemie: We’ll make money off of them by showing them as a side-show attraction of powerful cuteness.

For the kecleon brothers: why do you keep attemptin to scam yeah hero, when they would likely be able to OHKO you?

Kecleon: I think it would be the other way around. Don’t you agree, brother?
Kecleon: ~chugging down a Protein~ Oh, most certainly.

Also, for the apprentices: what do you do when the leaders are away?(I will ensure they never see this ;))
Hope: I don’t know. Usually, it’s the other way around. At least one of them is usually there, mostly Meemie, and we’re usually out doing missions. The question is, what does Meemie do when we’re not there?
Luna: Sleeping.
Faith: I’m not sure about that. She used to be a human. What if she has some sort of human ritual she does?
Meemie: No, Luna’s right. I’m usually sleeping.

To meemie and Luna
Who taught you two how to fight? Must've went through hell to become the best of the best.
Meemie: A Wigglytuff on god-tier levels, a few legendaries and time-travelers who have tried to kill us, you know, the usual

What is your favourite item to use in any situation?
(Meemie throws a seed at an enemy pokemon who catches it)
Meemie: Alright, Luna, go!
(Luna OHKO’s it)
Meemie: Wait for it…
Enemy Pokemon: Wait… this isn’t a Revi- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
(The enemy pokemon laughs uncontrollably while they faint and fade away)
Meemie: Never gets old.

Question for Meemie. When you went to your first mystery dungeon, what's your first reaction to a monster house?
Meemie: …I think there was an item we missed in the previous room. You got this, right Luna?

Sorry for the delay, y'all.

Reply SkunkWitch, October 3rd, 2016, 4:01 am

Meemie: do you miss your human life? I'm sure you left some family/friends behind? will this ever be explored? :O

guildmasters: when you were a team did you recruit any 'mons to join your team so that it wouldn't just be you 2? And will you allow teams at the hero's guild to do that?

Everyone: favorite game?

anyone how big is the pokemon world? can you show us a map?

Reply TheGreatEmad, October 3rd, 2016, 11:21 pm

Fair point. But, this raises another question, if I'm allowed to ask, do you miss Grovyle? If you got brought back, then shouldn't he too? (Yes, I've played the special episode)

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